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Handmade in the USA


Size: 13”(W) x 15”(L), 20” handles with a 9” drop


Color: hunter green



Sun, Moon, and Five-mountain peaksa: silver pattern by high quality of screen printed transfer



Shell: Duck canvas (from Dutch doek,"linen canvas")

Duck canvas and canvas are plain-weave, are made out. of cotton and are incredibly durable and versatile. The main difference between duck and canvas is thread count. Duck is known for smooth texture due to its high thread count compared to canvas.

Content: 100% cotton

Weight: 300 gm2 (8.85 oz sq yd)


Lining: Black and white stripe (Keepsake Quilting)

Content: 100% 00% Cotton


Strap: Webbing

Color: Brown and silver


Care for the shell and lining

Gentle hand wash 




Canvas bag with sun, moon & mountain pattern

  • The design is inspired by "Six-fold screen painting of sun, moon, and five-mountain peaks"

    The screen painting depicts a panoramic view of natural elements, such as the sun, the moon, mountain peaks, waterfalls, and pine trees, as symbols of royal authority and prosperity. The sun and moon are signs of the king’s virtues, and the five peaks symbolize the land in which his people live.

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