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Korean art, painting
Ilwolobongdo, the sun, the moon and five-mountain peaks


The screen painting depicts a panoramic view of natural elements, such as the sun, the moon, mountain peaks, waterfalls, and pine trees, as symbols of royal authority and prosperity. The sun and moon are signs of the king’s virtues, and the five peaks symbolize the land in which his people live. The combination of these elements demonstrates that the king's ruling and love should prevail across the whole world. 

The Collection of national Palace Museum of Korea


Korean art
Ilwolobongdo in the Geunjungjeon (main hall) of the Gyeongbokgung (royal palace)

This is a view of a six-fold screen painting of the sun, moon, and five peaks installed in the Geunjeongjeon (main hall) where national ceremonies, receptions for foreign envoys, and state affairs were held. The folding screen painting is placed behind the throne to serve an image of auspiciousness and an elaborate decoration. This foldable painting is not stationary in the hall. The kings of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910) always carried a background screen with them. The symmetrical balance of the painting shows the typical composition of a court painting and evokes a sense of order.

The Collection of national Palace Museum of Korea

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