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Korean art
Wonsam_royal robe

Wonsam is a ceremonial robe worn by women of the royal family during the late Joseon Dynasty. The Queen and Crown Princess wore a red wonsam with round dragon insignia attached on the shoulders, chest, and back, whereas other women of the royal family or the nobility wore a wonsam with a square phoenix or crane embroidered on the chest area. After the declaration of the Korean Empire in 1887, the former Queen was called Empress and wore a gold wonsam. Common people wear wonsam as a wedding dress.


The Collection of National Palace Museum of Korea


Korean art
Wonsam_paper pattern

This paper pattern was used to embroider the insignia of the royal women's attire during the Joseon Dynasty. A pair of phoenixes with a fire ball symbolizes the harmony of yin and yang. They are depicted in the background of clouds, waves, and rocks.

The Collection of National Palace Museum of Korea

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