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4” (diameter) x .25” (thickness) each coaster

5” (W) x 1.5”(D) x 2.25”(H) 4 coasters in the holder


Material: walnut wood (coaster) & cherry wood (holder)

The surface has been polished and finished with a food safe oil

Each coaster has its own unique texture because the coaster is made of natural walnut wood

Great gift for housewarming, birthday, holiday and etc



Easy to clean, clean with damp cloth and towel to dry

Coaster set with hinges pattern

  • Weisman Art Museum (WAM) in Minneapolis has a rich collection of antique Korean furniture. Among them is a Bandaji cabinet whose front door folds down. It showcases unique regional designs, wood and metalwork. This piece of furniture was widely used regardless of class to store clothing, books and various household items in Korea. The hinges of the Bandaji cabinet in the WAM collection inspired the design of the coasters. The hinge plates made of cast iron and brass have an essential function but display elaborative patterns. The patterns include animals, plants, characters that are carved or engraved.

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